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FREE ODMS R7 Software - Click here to find out how

Olympus DS-9000 & AS-9000 Starter Kit (incl. ODMS R7)

Manufacturer Olympus

£549.37 incl. VAT

SKU V741020BE010-1

With advanced features including a superior noise canceling system, the DS-9000 will simplify your workflow and increase dictation management efficiency. Intelligent dual microphones control the directionality to keep the focus on the person dictating, suppressing ambient noise in environments like hospitals, offices, airports and more. A triple-layer studio quality filter ensures accurate voice capture while reducing unwanted sounds such as breath and wind vibrations, ensuring superior accuracy.

The DS-9000 Premium Bundle includes the DS-9000 Dictation Device, AC Adapter and the CR15 Docking Cradle along with the Olympus AS-9000 Transcription Kit which includes ODMS R7 Dictation Management Software - everything you need to start dictating professionally

DS-9000 Details

Capture your voice with enhanced clarity, simplicity and flexibility in any environment.

Encapsulated in a 1.5 meter shockproof body and equipped with an optical slide switch, the DS-9000 is designed to be a strong, dependable workhorse in heavy use environments. Complete with 256-bit AES encryption and device pin-lock, the DS-9000 provides trusted security to your most sensitive information. 

 Olympus DS-9000 Speech Recognition Accuracy with superior clarity and noise reduction
Speech Recognition with Accuracy, Clarity and Noise Reduction

Intelligent dual microphone technology settings ensure optimisation for many different recording environments. For example, in noisy environments use narrow directionality to ensure your voice is accurately captured. For conference rooms with multiple individuals speaking, use a wide directionality setting to accurately capture all voice clearly.


 Olympus DS-9000 Built in studio quality microphone
Built-in Professional Studio Recording Quality

The included studio quality pop filter reduces additional noise from sources like your breathe or the wind, encouraging more accurate transcription and a professional quality recording.


 Olympus DS-9000 Motion Sensor and VCVA Technology

Motion Sensor and VCVA Technology

While the motion sensor allows the user to wake the device by picking it up to immediately start recording, the Olympus VCVA technology automatically tracks pauses in the speakers dictation in order to save time, power and recording space. These features are easily customised and allow 15 different sensitivity levels providing intuitive usage and power saving options for every user.


Olympus DS-9000 Shockproof Body for Improved Longevity

Shockproof Body for Improved Longevity

A robust build quality, resistant to a 1.5 meter fall significantly improved the lifespan of the DS-900 device. The wear proof optical slide-switch greatly reduces the risk of mechanical failure. 


Olympus DS-9000 Design Features

AS-9000 Details

Olympus AS-9000 Transcriber Data Security

Data security is priority number one

Data security is priority number one Because your data is your asset, ODMS protects your data with several security features. Instant 256-bit file encryption with DSS Pro secures your dictations and allows only authorised persons to listen to them. Customisable backup rules avoid any accidental data loss.


 Olympus AS-9000 Seamless interface for Nuance Dragon Professional Speech Recognition

Seamless interface to speech recognition

Support of several Dragon NaturallySpeaking user profiles. Several author IDs can be linked to particular user profiles of Dragon NaturallySpeaking so that the dictations are automatically going to be pre-transcribed. The typist just needs to double check the document. In case corrections are needed and made the author’s speech recognition profile is trained as well.


 Olympus AS-9000 Let your Voice Work for You

Let your voice work for you

Don’t worry about who can transcribe your dictations: professional workflow solutions simplify the collaboration between authors, typists, typist pools and speech-recognition engines*.


 Olympus AS-9000 Transcriber easy installation and configuration

Easy installation and administration

No matter what size your organisation is, it will receive the right tools to implement a professional dictation workflow and set up a sophisticated central administration.


 Olympus AS-9000 scaleability due to modern architecture

Scalability due to the modular software architecture

The modular architecture of ODMS allows you to create an Olympus dictation network and extend it step-by-step and year-by-year. You just have to decide how many authors (dictation module) and typists/secretaries (transcription module) will join the dictation network.


 Olympus AS-9000 Designed for excellent usability

Designed for excellent usability

New and improved interface design for excellent usability. The user interface is an important component of professional dictation hardware and can boost your productivity and efficiency.


 Olympus AS-9000 virtualisation and private cloud computing

Virtualisation and private cloud computing

The support of virtual environments with Citrix and Windows terminal servers allows you to keep the costs for the IT infrastructure as low as possible. For further information about the virtualisation of ODMS please contact your authorised dealer.


 Olympus AS-9000 automatic workflow routing

Automatic dictation routing/workflow

Dictation transfer via LAN, FTP or E-mail: Mobile and desktop dictation only play to their strengths if the dictations get to the right destination, quickly and easily. For every user scenario automatic transfer rules can be defined. Depending on the defined rules (work type, author ID etc.) the dictations are transferred (via email, FTP, LAN etc.) to its destination.


Key Features
  • Intelligent dual microphones suppress unwanted background noise
  • Triple-layer sound studio quality pop filter eliminates breath and wind noise
  • Shockproof body certified up to 1.5m
  • Precise optical slide switch for REC/STOP/PLAY/REWIND features
  • Full colour TFT LCD display with white LED backlight
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery (1350 mAh)
  • Storage media: secure digital (SD, SDHC) 2GB, 32GB (external)
  • Internal Storage: 2GB (Micro SD), DSS Pro SP = approx. 306 hours recording time
  • Recording formats: DSS/DSS Pro/Wav/Mp3
  • 256-Bit AES Encryption
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • 4 button USB pedal & under the chin headset
  • Highly secure dictation management software
  • Seamless integration with Dragon Speech Recognition (purchased separately)
What's in the Box
  • DS9000 Dictation Device
  • ODMS R7 Software (Transcription & Dictation Modules)
  • AC Adapter
  • KP-30 Micro USB Cable
  • CR15 Docking Cradle
  • CS151 Carry Case
  • Instruction Manual
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • DSS Player for MAC
  • RS31H Footswitch
  • E102 Under‑the‑chin headphones
 Download Olympus AS-9000 Transcription Kit Brochure Download Olympus AS-9000 Transcription Kit Brochure


 Download Olympus DS-9000 Feature Comparison Sheet Download Olympus DS-9000 Feature Comparison Sheet 


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