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Olympus ME-31 Gun Microphone

by Olympus

£83.99 incl. VAT

SKU N2277526

 The Me-31 Compact Gun Microphone features a directional design which limits interference from nearby sound sources. This is useful for recording a particular voice or signal that would otherwise be obscured or overpowered by other noises or sound sources. For example, the ME-31 can help capture a keynote speaker at a conference without recording a lot of chatter from attendees. 

Key Features
  • The directional microphone which can be used in various ways such as recording a lecture and a field sound
  • The metal cutting body realized high rigidity
  • The grip which can be attached to the microphone stand and the tripod is supplied
  • The stand can be placed on a talble with the grip attached
  • The wind screen is supplied to decrease the wind noise
What's in the Box
  • Olympus ME-31 Microphone
  • Wind screen
  • Grip
  • Stand
  • Adapter
  • Case