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Olympus ME-52W Noise-cancelling Microphone

Manufacturer Olympus

£17.99 incl. VAT

SKU N2272726

The Olympus ME-52W Noise-cancelling Microphone reduces ambient noise to enable even clearer recordings of targeted sound. The ME-52W connects directly to the microphone input jack and with its tilt mechanism, the direction of the microphone can be adjusted. The ME-52W is supplied with a foam windscreen, an extension cord and tie-pin clip to enable you to attach the microphone to clothing. 

The Olympus ME-52W Microphone has a sensitivity level of -40DB and a frequency response from 100-15.000 Hz.

Key Features
  • Connects directly to microphone input jack
  • -40DB sensitivity
  • 100-15.000 Hz frequency response
  • Tilt mechanism allows directional adjustment
  • Extension cord and tie-clip enables you to easily attach the ME-52W to any clothing
What's in the Box
  • Olympus ME-52W Microphone
  • Olympus ME-52W User Manual
  • Extension cord
  • Tie clip
  • Microphone windshield