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Get FREE ODMS R7 Software - Click here to learn how
FREE ODMS R7 Software - Click here to find out how

Our Support Options

Need help getting up and running? Want some professional assistance in choosing your ideal Voice Tech workflow solution? Feel like you could benefit from some one-on-one training on how to get the most out of Speech Recognition? Talk to the Voice Technicians...

We offer the very best advice and support in the Voice Technology so you can get up and running without the hassle and rest assured that you are in safe hands should you need anything further. 

Alternatively, simply give us a call on 0121 456 7800 or email us at to speak to a member of the team!

  • Assist Me (Single User) - The Speech Shop

    £118.90 incl. VAT

    Assist Me (Single User)

    Speak-IT Solutions

    Assist Me was created to address the increasing demand from our clients for single-user implementation and technical support. This package includes...

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    £118.90 incl. VAT